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Quick Follow up on The Pit using Social Media and Foursquare

By Jeremy Smith


Just a quick follow up to Phil's post about The Pit and how they are using Foursquare.  The battle for mayorship continues (see picture to the right).  I was there yesterday meeting a potential client and knew that Phil and I were neck and neck for mayorship of The Pit.  As I was approaching, I was hoping that I could take over mayorship from Phil, just because good old competition between friends never ends and now we are finding new ways to compete using @foursquare and social media.


As I approach and check in, I find out that I have just become the mayor and ousted @1918 for mayorship.  That was cool, but what happened next was even cooler.  When I checked in inside the Foursquare application, my phone showed a message that said "Special Here" with an arrow pointing to click to see the next page.  It looked like I had just won something and I was excited!  It was the feeling you have as a kid at Christmas about to open an early gift (which I will have you know, my Dad always knew when I peeked and taped the present back together, ha).  Not only was I excited to discover my prize, but I was excited to witness The Pit's new interaction, embracing Social Media.

IMG_0483I quickly clicked the "Special Here" offer and, to my surprise, another treat was waiting for me!  Naturally, I was congratulated on my newly crowned mayorship, but more importantly, there was a great offer.  As the mayor I deserve a little appreciation.  Man, was I tickled to death and so excited to see the participation, not to mention the fact that I felt like I won something.  However, most people will definitely feel like the brand is watching and listening, which is extremely important.  This is the image that appeared on my iPhone.

I just wanted to share my experience and show a real life example of The Pit's use of Foursquare and social media combined with word of mouth marketing to increase visibility and brand awareness.  Great job to Phil for the excellent prelude post, and hats off to The Pit for embracing this change in how we talk to our customers.  Side note:  The Pit is the only one in Raleigh currently using this feature.

Here is a link on foursquare's website that shows all of the businesses using foursquare and mayorship to reward customers.  http://www.foursquare.com/businesses/

Tags: Conversion Optimization, Social Media

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