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15 min read

Essentialism: Strip Down and Optimize Your Landing Pages for More Conversions

By Jeremy Smith on Feb 11, 2016 12:49:29 PM

Ah, the wondrous landing page.

Topics: Conversion Optimization Essentialism Landing Page Optimization user experience
14 min read

Where to Begin with Form Optimization

By Jeremy Smith on Feb 4, 2016 3:31:24 PM

Most of my day is spent online. Beyond work-related website use, whether I’m buying a gift for my wife or researching a vacation destination, I make my way through site after site taking note of horrendous as well as exceptional online experiences. More times than not, I think “these people should be doing this a lot better” or “that wasn’t a pleasant experience for as big a site as they are.”

Topics: Conversion Optimization For beginners forms user experience user intent
11 min read

How to Get Any Customer to Take Action Immediately

By Jeremy Smith on Aug 27, 2015 2:57:13 PM

When it comes to conversion optimization, you must possess the right conversion framework before you can successfully get into sexy tactics.

Topics: Conversion Optimization customer experience user experience Web Psychology
11 min read

8 Conversion Optimization Tips for Low-Traffic Sites

By Jeremy Smith on Dec 8, 2014 8:31:20 AM

Conversion Optimization For Low Traffic Sites

If your site doesn’t get much traffic, you probably feel left out of the conversion optimization game.

Topics: A/B Testing A/B Testing Conversion Optimization conversions Low-traffic Split Testing user experience Web Psychology